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Beer Gas


“We put the BUBBLES in your beer!”

Beer Gas is a widely used term in the industry.

We like to use this term generally, for any mixture of CO2 and Nitrogen to dispense beverage from a keg.

The percentage  of CO2/Nitrogen can be anything depending on the temperature of the beer, the distance the beer has to travel and the speed of consumption.

D Size cylinders will generally dispense about 3x 50 Litre Kegs while the F size cylinder will dispense about 17x 50 Litre kegs.

Hotels, Pubs and Clubs

  • SpeedGas are able to supply Bulk Gas systems! “SpeedFlow”. We will save you money off your current system
  • SpeedGas are able to supply Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and mixed beer gases  in various cylinder sizes.
  • Free delivery in Sydney.
  • SpeedGas supplies Beer Gas all over Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle and Mid North Coast to pubs, hotels, RSL clubs, bowling clubs, nightclubs, golf clubs etc. We have hundreds customers. We have been able to save our customers money and offer exceptional prompt service.

We combine both Carbon Dioxide (CO2) & Nitrogen to formulate suitable beverage gas mixtures to accommodate specific requirements depending on site layout and equipment used. Some of our preformulated mixtures include:

  • Beer Gas – Speed Mix 55 (55% CO2 – 45% Nitrogen) Suits most Sites
  • Beer Gas – Speed Mix 30 (30% CO2 – 70% Nitrogen) Generally used to pour those thicker beers such as Guinness
  • Beer Gas – Speed Mix 40 (40% CO2 – 60% Nitrogen) For less carbonation
  • Beer Gas – Speed Mix 75 (75% CO2 – 25% Nitrogen) For more carbonation in long beer line runs.

speedgas.com.au Safety and gas monitoring equipment is to be installed and maintained by the proprietor of the venue and beer line gas systems must be AS5034 compliant.