SpeedGas supplies Helium to a number of industries. If you have a party/balloon shop or if you are a commercial or hospitality user please contact us for a quote tailored to your business needs. SpeedGas does not supply consumers.

Our helium is available for balloons and commercial blimps or large inflatables.

Helium (He) is a colourless, odourless, tasteless gas.

Commercial, Retail and Hospitality gas customers.

Helium cylinders come in 4 cylinder sizes

CL Size Cylinder – 50x 30cm balloons   0.6m3

D  Size  Cylinder – 100x 30cm balloons 1.3m3

E  Size Cylinder – 300x 30cm balloons 3.4m3

G Size Cylinder – 600x 30cm balloons 7.4m3