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    Argon/Welding Gases

    NEVER pay Rent again! At SpeedGas we sell welding gas “SpeedShield Argon” for TIG welding and MIG welding of Aluminium and Stainless Steel and “SpeedShield 5/2” an Argon/CO2/Oxygen mix for MIG welding. Argon is an odourless and colourless gas and is chemically inert; indeed it is referred to as one of the noble gases. Argon […]

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  • SpeedTRACE_web_image
    SpeedTRACE Tracer Gas

    SpeedTRACE is Leak Detection Made Easy. NEVER pay Rent again! At SpeedGas we sell SpeedTRACE cylinders and gas for HVAC&R systems. SpeedTRACE is a premium leak detection solution consisting of a non-flammable mixture of Nitrogen and Hydrogen designed for use in leak detection for Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration systems and Plumbing. Hydrogen is an […]

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  • Acetylene Product Image 2
    Acetylene Gas

    The Trusted Suppliers of Acetylene Gas Cylinders. NEVER pay Rent again! At SpeedGas we sell Acetylene cylinders and gas for all industrial applications. Acetylene is a flammable, colourless gas with a distinct odour. The hottest and most efficient of all fuel gases, acetylene is also the most versatile and provides high levels of productivity thanks […]

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  • Oxygen Gas

    The Trusted Suppliers of O2 Gas Cylinders NEVER pay Rent again! At SpeedGas we sell Oxygen cylinders and gas for all industrial applications. Our products can be used in conjunction with a number of different industries depending on your requirements. Oxygen is a colourless, odourless, non-flammable and non-toxic gas, which is a highly reactive non-metallic […]

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  • Nitrogen Cylinders

    NEVER pay Rent again! At SpeedGas we sell Nitrogen cylinders and gas for all applications. Available in multiple cylinder sizes. Nitrogen Gas Cylinders for Sale Nitrogen Gas has a broad variety of applications and for that reason, is a highly popular product amongst our items available. We stock nitrogen gas cylinders (also known as N2) […]

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    Beer Gas

      “We put the BUBBLES in your beer!” Beer Gas is a widely used term in the industry. We like to use this term generally, for any mixture of CO2 and Nitrogen to dispense beverage from a keg. The percentage  of CO2/Nitrogen can be anything depending on the temperature of the beer, the distance the […]

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  • Beer_Bubbles_2
    Carbon Dioxide

    Supplied to many industries. SpeedGas supplies Carbon Dioxide (CO2) to many industries. Customers and Industries served using Carbon Dioxide (CO2) – Beer gases – Post Mix machine gases – Beverages – Hospitality / pubs, clubs, hotels – Welding Gas alternative – Fire Extinguishers – Food processors – Specialist uses – Swimming Pools Supply formats of […]

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  • Fire Suppression Cylinders
    Fire Suppression Gas Refills

      FIRE SUPPRESSION GAS REFILLS Inert Gas Refills. For 20 years Speed Gas has been re-filling fire drop gases and mixed gas solutions and with cost effective alternatives, same as or similar – for example, if you are using CO2, CARBON DIOXIDE, Ar, ARGON, N2, NITROGEN, INERGEN, AROGNITE, PROINERT, IG55 to name a few. We […]

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  • IMG_20140203_124245a
    Cylinders & Valves

      Different size cylinders can be purchased for various applications. We have a wide range of cylinder valves for many applications  We can customise the fitted valve for your application needs (not sold separately). Contact us for further information.

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  • helium

      HELIUM: SpeedGas supplies Helium to a number of industries. If you have a party/balloon shop or if you are a commercial or hospitality user please contact us for a quote tailored to your business needs. Our helium is available for balloons and commercial blimps or large inflatables. Helium (He) is a colourless, odourless, tasteless […]

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