• Fire Suppression Cylinders
    Fire Suppression Gas Refills

      FIRE SUPPRESSION GAS REFILLS Inert Gas Refills. For 20 years Speed Gas has been re-filling fire drop gases and mixed gas solutions and with cost effective alternatives, same as or similar – for example, if you are using CO2, CARBON DIOXIDE, Ar, ARGON, N2, NITROGEN, INERGEN, AROGNITE, PROINERT, IG55 to name a few. We […]

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  • Speed_Gas_Welding_1
    Argon/Welding Gases

    Argon is an odourless and colourless gas and is chemically inert; indeed it is referred to as one of the noble gases. Argon is used as an inert shielding gas in welding and other high-temperature industrial processes where ordinarily non-reactive substances become reactive. Its purpose is to protect the weld area from atmospheric gases, such […]

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  • Oxygen_Acetylene_Torch
    Oxygen Gas

    The Trusted Suppliers of O2 Gas Cylinders Our products can be used in conjunction with a number of different industries depending on your requirements. Oxygen is a colourless, odourless, non-flammable and non-toxic gas, which is a highly reactive non-metallic element and oxidizing agent that readily forms compounds with most elements. Oxygen is used for metal […]

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  • Nitrogen Cylinders

            Available in multiple cylinder sizes. Nitrogen Gas Cylinders for Sale Nitrogen Gas has a broad variety of applications and for that reason, is a highly popular product amongst our items available. We stock nitrogen gas cylinders (also known as N2) of many different sizes to suit many different purposes. Whether you […]

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  • _S_02759 1
    Beer Gas

      “We put the BUBBLES in your beer!” Beer Gas is a widely used term in the industry. We like to use this term generally, for any mixture of CO2 and Nitrogen to dispense beverage from a keg. The percentage  of CO2/Nitrogen can be anything depending on the temperature of the beer, the distance the […]

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  • Beer_Bubbles
    Carbon Dioxide

      Supplied to many industries. SpeedGas supplies Carbon Dioxide (CO2) to many industries. Customers and Industries served using Carbon Dioxide (CO2) – Beer gases – Post Mix machine gases – Beverages – Hospitality / pubs, clubs, hotels – Fire Extinguishers – Food processors – Specialist uses – Swimming Pools Supply formats of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) […]

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  • IMG_20140203_124245a
    Cylinders & Valves

      Different size cylinders can be purchased for various applications. We have a wide range of cylinder valves for many applications  We can customise the fitted valve for your application needs (not sold separately). Contact us for further information.

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  • helium

      HELIUM: SpeedGas supplies Helium to a number of industries. If you have a party/balloon shop or if you are a commercial or hospitality user please contact us for a quote tailored to your business needs. Our helium is available for balloons and commercial blimps or large inflatables. Helium (He) is a colourless, odourless, tasteless […]

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  • SpeedGas_LPG

    We supply LPG cylinders in a 8.5 Kg format mainly for the hospitality industry for heating using  mushroom heaters in venues. For beer gas customers this makes a convenient one stop shop for all your gas needs. Heaters are available for rent or purchase. A cylinder generally lasts 10 hours of heating. Note: We do […]

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