Forklift Gas

Forklift Gas

Speed Gas is your 100% Australian forklift gas supplier.

Reliable and responsive, we are in every Melbourne Metropolitan area every day, ready to deliver your forklift gas

At Speed Gas we will work with you to ensure your supply works for your business needs. That means you will have the right number of cylinders (no more paying rental on cylinders you do not need) and delivery schedules will be as often as you need them.

When you choose Speed Gas your delivery will be made on company-owned vehicles with our team members delivering to you.  No contractors which mean your driver knows what you need when they are on your site.

Speed Gas have the ability to supply your forklift gas in two ways;

1.Cylinder Exchange

It is simple; you can either call us with your order or we will come to you on a regular delivery schedule. Speed Gas will exchange your empty cylinders with full cylinders, ready to go onto your forklift.

The benefit of exchange is your forklift is only out of action for as long as it takes to swap the empty cylinder for a full one

2.Bulk supply – you fill your own cylinders

If you are a larger user of forklift gas it may be cheaper to get a bulk supply. Speed Gas supplies the 210kg cylinder (400 litres) and you can fill the cylinder without taking it off the forklift.

This may be a cheaper way to manage your forklift gas costs if you have many forklifts being used at the same time.

Our sales team are ready to help you find the best solution for your business