Nitrogen Cylinders

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Available in multiple cylinder sizes.

Nitrogen Gas Cylinders for Sale

Nitrogen Gas has a broad variety of applications and for that reason, is a highly popular product amongst our items available. We stock nitrogen gas cylinders (also known as N2) of many different sizes to suit many different purposes. Whether you are looking to buy in bulk to cater for a crowd or just a one-off purchase, we can supply you with the product you need at a price you can afford.

Different uses of N2 gas cylinders

N2 is used in a spectrum of industries and caters to many different purposes, including:

  • Food preservation – N2 can be used in the purging process of sealing food in containers, cans, bottles and wraps which will ensure maximum life span is achieved by the elimination of oxidisation.
  • Bottling – Modern bottling machines use a combination of N2 gas and carbon dioxide (CO2) to purge wine and beer bottles with inert gas before and after filling. This avoids oxidisation of the liquid.
  • Dispensing beer for pubs and clubs – Nitrogen gas is mixed with CO2 to create ‘beer gas’ and hence ensure correct carbonation in the pressurisation of kegs.
  • Aviation – Aviation tyres are required to be filled with nitrogen as the increase in altitude would cause regular atmosphere air to expand and rupture tyres.
  • Laser cutting – The practice of laser cutting requires nitrogen to be used in conjunction with light beam in order to cut steel and other materials.
  • Motor racing / high performance tyres, air tools and air driven jacks. Nitrogen is used to maintain steady tyre pressures for those who want stable performance across applications.

Our N2 gas cylinders are available for purchase all throughout Australia

SpeedGas has retail partners that service cities and towns all across the country. Thanks to the increase in customer demand over our many years in business, we have created locations across Australia to make our products easily accessible for all Australians. Whether you are looking for an N2 gas cylinder for sale or to simply purchase a new cylinder or to refill your old one, we can cater to your every need.

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Drop into one of our many retail partner locations across Australia or get in contact with our team to find out where your nearest SpeedGas retail partner is. If you have any questions about our products for sale and our services on offer, please do not hesitate to call our head office in Sydney or to send us an email.

Available Sizes:

Dimensions C size D size E size G size
Volume 0.5m3 1.6m3 4.0m3 8.0m3
Height Approx 54cm 75cm 105cm 163cm
Diameter 11cm 17cm 21cm 25cm
Weight 5.5kg 19kg 37kg 80kg
Gas Pressure 16,500kPa/2400psi 16,500kPa 16,500kPa 16,500kPa